Five Secrets to a Fantastic Wedding Day

 Start your day on time.

Start the day by scheduling your hair and makeup artist at the appropriate time. The first and foremost important thing you can do on your wedding day is to be on time. I have photographed over two thousand weddings of every ethnicity and religion and the one thing that always determines how smooth and enjoyable the day is for bride and groom is everyone being on time. So how can you ensure this?

Don’t tell your makeup artist and hair stylist what time your ceremony is because then they will have you ready 20 minutes prior to the ceremony, leaving you no time for pre-ceremony photos. Just tell them what time they have to be done. If your ceremony is at 5 but you need to be ready for photos at 3, tell them they must be done by three. Then they can determine when they need to start to accomplish this.

 A bridal party sticks together!

Tell your bridal party that, as a member of the bridal party, they must stay together at all times. It is impossible to take photos of the bridal party with some missing. It is equally impossible to take photos of family with parents or brothers and sisters missing. These things slow the process down because we have to wait. Sometimes we can do something else but sometimes it is the only thing left to do before moving on.

 Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Not long ago, I was at a Catholic wedding where the florist did not bring the flowers to be presented to the Virgin Mary (a Catholic tradition). There were flowers at each pew. I took one flower from each and put them together as best I could.

Usually everything does go right. However, if some detail does not go exactly according to plan and it’s too late to correct it, let it go. You can deal with it later. Don’t let something that no one else will ever notice spoil the day.

 Don’t micro manage.

Hire people whose reputation and skills you trust. Hire people you feel comfortable with and then let them do their job. Yes, do tell everyone your preferences, likes and dislikes, but not how and when.

I was at a wedding where the bride and groom gave a list of songs to the DJ. They were mostly Bob Marley because they met at a club during a Bob Marley song. He was only to play those songs. Except for the First dance and parent dances, there was almost no dancing the rest of the evening. The DJ commented that the guests must think he was the worst DJ ever.

 Above all remember this.

You are so fortunate. Do you realize how many people in this world go through life without ever meeting the right person? You have.